Sample adjustment is a technique that involves modifying the sample of respondents during a survey to ensure that it is representative

Adjustment is necessary when a bias, possibly due to the method of administration, has resulted in the over or under representation of certain categories of respondents in the final sample.
Adjustment can be done by extracting over-represented profiles or by counting under-represented profiles several times.


Create an adjustment

In your report, you will find an Adjustment button: 

The adjustment applies only to Questions / Segments / Attributes.

Here, we choose Questions.

You now see the fields:

  • Form field value: corresponds to the different answers to the chosen Question, to the different Segments or to the different Attributes.
  • % Original: % corresponding to the results obtained.
  • % Target: you can apply an adjustment to each field using a profile already created or in a customised way.

Create an adjustment profile

Click on Manage your profiles to directly access the settings already saved or to create new ones. 

You also have the option to go to the Side Menu, choose Settings and then go to Adjustment Profiles in the Statistics category.

Then click on the green Add profile button.

You can now configure your adjustment profile. For example: 

Don't forget to save your profile.

Back at your Adjustment, you can now apply your profile you just created.

Then, you can choose the % Target you want to apply between your Adjustment fields and Custom.

Your statistics will evolve in real time as soon as you apply your changes.

  • Before the Adjustment:
  • After the Adjustment:


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