When you want to export the answers of one of your campaigns, it is necessary to create a report to be able to customise it.

Your export settings will be automatically saved after saving your export settings, so that you can consult the collected answers at any time without having to make any further adjustments.

👉 Prerequisites:


Create a Customized Report

To export all the answers of your campaign, select the corresponding report or create one.

Select Campaigns dimension.

Now that you have selected your campaign,

All you have to do is to set up your export.


Set up an export

For a detailed configuration of your exports, see the following article: Export your data.

At the bottom of the report page, click on the small arrow to the right of the Export answers button, then on Configure export.

On the left, you will find all the columns available for export corresponding to the dimensions chosen in the statistical slide (here, your Campaign).

Drag and drop the desired items from the left column to the right column.

All you have to do now is Validate. 

Then Export the answers by clicking on Export answers.

The.csv file will only show the columns you have just selected. 

Here, we have exported only Customer name and their ID.

Note: when you drag questions in the right column, the first line shows the label of the question asked and the following lines correspond to your customers' answers.

Don't forget to save your report.

If necessary, you can then schedule an automatic sending to your email or those of your collaborators. For more information, see our articles: 

In this case, you will absolutely have to tick the box Answers export and also choose the corresponding statistical slide.

You are done.


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