Configuring the display of a chart allows you to create a more specific view and thus be able to analyse results with more precision.


👉 Prerequisites:

To configure the display of a chart, you must first have created a report.


Configuring the display of a chart

Once your chart is created, you will be able to edit the display of the displayed values by clicking on the gear icon.

You can:

1 - Modify the type of chart.

This feature allows you to adapt the type of chart that best matches your data.

Here are some examples of chart:

Graphics: Bar / Pie chart

Charts: Donut / Areas

Note: if a dimension is not available with a chart type then it is not proposed.

2 - Change the type of data displayed.

This modification allows you to display the type of data that will give your statistical slide all its meaning.

Note: if a dimension is not available with a display type then it is not proposed.

3 - Limit the display to a certain number of elements.

This feature allows you to filter the data that appears on your report in order to have a more simplified view.

To illustrate:

  • Limit the number of elements displayed (example: generate the top 3 of the most efficient answers).

Note: from two selected dimensions, the functionality that limits the display is not available.

4 - Display the items according to a rule.

This rule may allow you to display only the data relevant to your report.

Finally, click on the Apply button to see the changes.


Sort the data display

Once your data is displayed, you have the option of sorting it (in increasing, decreasing or alphabetical order depending on the case). 

To do this, click directly on the symbol in the icon of the dimension you want to sort.

  • By default

By default, different behaviours are expected depending on the selected dimension. An order of the answer choices as defined in your survey if it is a Question dimension, an increasing order of dates if it is a Date dimension or an alphabetical order for any other dimension.

  • Increasing order
  • Decreasing order

Don't forget to Save when you are done. 


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