Within your Dashboard, click on Share.

Then on Email

You can create a new Distribution.
 A distribution is the action of sharing or sending a dashboard to an entity or a group of entities (person, group, country, ...).

Click on "Create a new distribution":

Then, fill in the Name of your distribution (which will remain private and solely visible by yourself), the Subject of the email and the content of the email. 

Now select who you would like to share your dashboard with, via the "Email recipient" section.

You have the choice between two "types" of recipients.
Firstly you can send the email by entering his email in (or several email adresses, separated by a semi-colon).

Another option is to send to a user(s)/recipient(s) from your account.
Here you can define which criterias must be taken into account to send your email.
For instance, in our case: The user name, user function, the team to which he's attached, country, years of service and language.

Define the rule to be applied. Here we'd like to send an email to the contacts that are part of the "marketing" team. 

Note: here, the "marketing" value matches a property created within the settings of our account. All users that have a property (meaning that they are part of the marketing team, in this case), will be recipients of our email.

New properties can be created in your account. In order to do that, please approach your Success Manager to know the procedure to follow.

You can also cumulate several rules, by clicking on the dedicated button "Add a rule". Here, we're adding to our first rule, the following rules: function equal to "manager" and country different than "france".

Finally, chose the periodicity of your delivery as well as the beginning date.

We're chosing a monthly periodicity, starting from february 14th 2018 at 10h. 

Once this is finished, click on "Next".

Here, chose the Dashboard to be displayed: 

  • The full dashboard (without any filters)
  • The dashboards after applying certain filters 

In the case of using filters, select the type of filter and the value of the desired filter.

You can double up several filters via the button "Add a rule".
Once this is finished, click on "Save".

For the last step, activate your distribution via the ON/OFF pictogram.

To activate or deactivate all of your distributions (URL, Email), use the button ON/OFF on the home page of your dashboard.

You're done!

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