On MyFeelBack, you have calculations and formulas at your disposal to make the most of your statistical data and present them. We offer standard calculations that cover all the current needs of our users. However, it is possible, on request, to cover your specific business needs on calculations that you would need to use your data in MyFeelBack.

All the calculations available in your reports are also available to build your decisional Dashboards.

👉 First we advise you to read the article: Customise your chart to refocus your analysis on what really matters!


Display calculations

To discover them, go to the Stats > Reports > Campaigns (or Customized) menu.

Open a report by clicking on the Edit button.

Once opened, click on the Settings symbol.

This gives you a list of available calculations to use your data.

The calculations can be selected or not depending on the data (dimensions and filters) and the type of chart, selected for your statistical slide.

You can choose a representation of your data by: Value, Percent (of answers or respondents), NPS, Cumulative NPS, CSat, CSat (custom), Median, Average, Cumulative average, Average of averages, Average ranking, Deviation, Variance.



You want to display a percentage of answers on a chart.

Simply click on the gear (1), then select Percent display (2).

On this chart, you get the percentage per answers, with an increasing sorting.


To go further

👉 In some contexts, you may need to use your own calculations. We have the solution! 

Please note that it is possible for us to implement your own tailor-made formulas, in order to give you the freedom to push your statistical analyses further.

To do so, nothing could be easier, contact us.


Want to use your calculations? 👇

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