In order to be able to export the answers, within your report, you need to click on the arrow of the « export answers » button.

Then click on « configure the export ».

The first field is dedicated to the name of the folder, you can add there time variables as well as a folder name in text form.

The goal there is that whenever there is an export, the file has variables that are directly integrated in the name of the document, so you can more easily identify each export by date, by export date, by month, by year, by hour, by minute or by time-stamping.

To show the menu, just enter a # in the « name of the folder » field. Then click on the elements that are relevant to your need.

By default, the file will have a .CSV extension but you can use also use an .XLS format. 

You can also choose between an ISO or an UTF-8 encoding.


Lastly, based on the goal of your export (displaying or reintegrating in other tools), choose between displaying the data by columns or by separators.

In the .CSV format, the exported elements will be separated by commas. If you want to display it by columns, do not forget to click « yes » as to where you want to have « separated columns ». Another option is for you to opt for an .XLS format if you wish to use the data on Microsoft Excel.

We advise you to read the article "Export your data: report, table, answers" for more details on the different types of exports you can do.

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