For some of your reports, you might want to cross data coming from several questions. You might want to do this in order to compare the results and the influence of the data from a question on another one.

 Crossing questions between them is something you can already do using reports (please read our article " How to create a report?"), but using the sub-slides displays your crossed questions side by side and lets you easily compare them together. During the export of your table, you will get all the results from your slide but also those from the sub-slides in the same table, which is pretty handy.

 To create your sub-slide, reach the slide/chart you want to study and click on the "+":

Then, select the question(s) you want to cross with your first question (the one from the original slide):

This way you can analyze a question depending on another one, but using the same filters!
 To visualize your sub-slide(s), click on the arrow: 

 This sub-slide will be saved as a regular slide. It will be displayed in your HTML exports (but not in your PDF exports!).
 When you export your tables, you will get the main question crossed with your sub-slide(s). If you have more than one sub-slide, your statistic tables will come one after another.
 To know more, please read our article about Export and Stats.

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