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You can share your report:

  • Via email
  • Via FTP (File Transport Protocol)


Share a report via email

Once one of your reports has been perfectly configured, you can schedule an automatic sending of your report by email to your collaborators by clicking on the Share button.

First, you need to change the Status Disabled to Enabled.

Then you can choose the recipient between:

  • A user/recipient on my account

This allows you to directly choose an other user of your account.

  • An email address

Here, you can directly enter collaborators' email address.

Enter your collaborators emails in the Send to field (separated by a";").

Then you can choose to Send the report in English or in French. 

As for a classic email, enter the Subject, the message and define the sending Frequency.

Let's take an example:

You want to receive your report every Monday morning at 9am in your mailbox.

Frequency: each week

From: the next Monday of your calendar // to : 9am

Finally, choose the type of content you want to receive:

  • PDF Report : To receive your classic report.
  • Answers export: To receive all the answers or only the ones you have configured.
  • Tables export: To also receive answers table containing your consolidated data located under your charts.

Finally, click on Save. 

You're done!


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