We are going to see how to trigger an automatic email based on a statistic Indicator.

The idea is to define any statistic data as an Indicator. This Indicator could trigger an email alert depending on its settings.
 As examples, take a look at those two use cases:

  • I am the owner of 10 stores. I would like to define a threshold to follow my global NPS. I can now receive an email alert if my NPS is under 7.
  • I want to evaluate employees satisfaction. I need to solicit only 10 people per service. I will create a Segment per service and then define an email alert to notify me when the total of answer is equal to 10.

There are so many possibilities to set your Indicators. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information. 


Example with a practical case study

We will now see how to create an NPS indicator with an alert threshold score of 40, for example, and then set up an email alert to be informed when this threshold is reached.

To create an Indicator, you can open one of your reports by going to the side Menu.

Once you open your Report, you can Save as an Indicator an existing Slide by a click on this button located below the results table.

You will get a confirmation notification. You can click on it to open directly and set your new Indicator. 

You also can Create an Indicator or take a look to your existing Indicators by clicking on the Indicators in the "Stats" part of the side Menu.

You'll find there the list of your Indicators.

Click on an Indicator to modify it or Create a new one by clicking on the green button.

Select the data you want to trigger your alert by setting the dimension(s) and filter you need.

For the example, we choose the dimension Questions.

Then we select all the answers.

Click on the Settings button to your right to change the type of graph and its display.

Select a graph of type Value.

This allows us to display the NPS score as desired.

 Then, click on "Set an email alert" .

That pop-in allows you to set the alert type:
 - Global: Your alert will be sent when at least one value of your indicator is verified by the rule below.

  • Multi-rules: Your alert will be sent when at least one value of your indicator is verified by at least one of the rules below.

You will then set the rules. You can define in this pop-in the value of your threshold and also an eventual feedback minimum to get before to trigger your alert.

Our threshold will be a score of 40 if a minimum of 100 responses is reached.

By clicking on next, you will be able to set the alert frequency. Here you can decide to get alerted everyday on a precise time if your threshold is exceeded.

In our case, it will be every day at 4pm from April 12, 2018.

 Finally, you only have to configure your email alert just as you do with a classic email. Also, you have the possibility to attach the table of values corresponding to your alert.

Always Save and Activate before leaving. 

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