Statistical reports allow you to analyse in depth all your collected data

With reports, you get a statistical view at a given time, such as a photograph. This allows you to accurately analyse the performance of your campaigns based on very precise business indicators.

Statistical reports are complementary to decisional Dashboards (learn more about Dashboards).

In a report, you can cross-reference data from all your campaigns, define alerts on indicators (which inform you when thresholds are reached), export the report (to PDF, HTML, CSV or XLS), or share it by email with your collaborators (once or periodically).

>>> For more information, you can read our article on how to create a report.


Some examples of reports

The following is a report that illustrates the number of responses among the proposed modalities for the question:

"To find your decorating ideas, how do you get inspired?" :

  1. In your favorite shops
  2. You are looking in different places
  3. Other (unanswered)

Another illustration with a pie chart type that displays the number of answers (in percentage) per persona.

Finally, a last example of a chart which, this time, takes into account two dimensions.

A. The answer "Yes" or "No" to the question "Would you like to be contacted on your mobile by Design Concept?

B. Which persona has answered the question.


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