The Flag is the simplest way to identify the behavior of your respondents. Unlike a segment (which defines your respondent population), and attributes (that qualify your respondents), the flag allows you to detect common profiles among your population, based on their responses.

 Use the Flag to consolidate dynamic profiles of respondents

Depending on your goals, you can easily observe, analyze or directly act according to customers' behavior.

Use case: For a satisfaction campaign, you want to contact every customer of your shop who waited between 5 and 10 minutes before being assisted, after making an appointment. Maybe you could offer them a free 3 month VIP Pass so they no longer have any waiting time in the future.

 Note: If you want to go deeper, you can receive an alert for all respondents who match these criteria. Then a Flag coupled with an email alert could be the perfect action.

Create a Flag

Go to the side menu in your Campaigns, then open the campaign that you want to add a flag to.

Go to the "Set Actions" tab,

Here, click "Add new condition",

Choose the page where the question is located (the one that will define the behavior to be detected),

Add a "New sub-condition" to specify the modality you want to highlight,

In our case we chose the respondents who waited between 5 and 10 min in the shop.

Now we will create our Flag. Click on "Then" to "Add a new action",

Select the "Apply flag" action,

To remember the Flag, feel free to give it a specific name.

 In our case "Customers to call back (minor waiting)" will be used to identify a population for sending your VIP Pass.

Your Flag is ready, it represents a common behavior among your respondents.

Note: In our case, we have also added an email alert action, to be notified of any new respondents that matches within our behavior criteria. Give a look at the article "What is an action" for more details.

Exploit the Flag

Once the Flag is in place and the first questionnaires answered, you will find in the statistics section the ability to exploit the data that corresponds to your different flags. Here's how:

Go to the menu "Stats"> "Reports"> "Customized",

Here simply just click on the button "Create a new report",

Then you can "Select a dimension",

Now select "Flag",

Finally, since the previously configured Flag is available, check the box to use it. Confirm by clicking on the "Apply" button.

Now your report displays the behavior you were looking for!

 You can create as many Flags as you need to stay up to date on various behaviors that deserve your full attention.

Do not forget to configure other actions to alert one of your managers, a store manager, a customer manager [...] or automatically send an email to your corresponding customer behavior criteria.

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