How to validate or invalidate an answer?

MyFeelBack allows you to manage the validity of an answer saved in your database.

An inactive delivery allows you to collect answers in test mode while an active response allows you to collect valid and actionable answers later.

To learn more read our article "Using the deployment test mode"


A proper use of enabling and disabling broadcasts is essential.

However, sometimes you may need to change the status of a collected response.

  • After having collected and recorded an answer, you can make it invalid. For example, when you consider that it should not be taken into account in your analyses. In this case, it will remain deducted from your feedback volume due to its initial status.


  • You can validate an answer that was originally recorded in test mode. In this case, if you decide to make it valid, it will be deduced from your feedback pack because you decide to exploit this response.

Here is the description of the 3 existing answers statuses:


Valid answer

Test answer

Invalid answer

Collection mode

Response collected via an active deployment


a test response manually activated

Response collected via an inactive deployment

Answer manually deactivated


Actionable response in your analysis

You can include test responses in your analysis to configure metrics ahead of the launch.

Response not usable in your analysis

Export of answers


Available including test answers (1 line out of 2 is blurred, 10 lines max. in export)

Not available

Identification in the list of responses

Purple background

Red background

Red background

Answer quota

Deducted from your feedback pack

Not deducted from your feedback pack

Deducted from your feedback pack

How do I change the status of an answer?

To change the status of an answer, go to your campaign list and click "Anwsers":

In your list, hover over the status of an answer to change it.

When you change the status, the visit associated with the response is also updated.

This schema shows you the possible passages between each status.

We recommend that you use this feature sparingly. Remember to deactivate your deployment during the test phase and activate them when you launch your campaign.