Prerequisite: you must first create a raw data visualization containing the data you wish to export.

Once your visualization has been created, you can schedule an automatic sending of your data by email to the persons affected by clicking on the button below :

Define the language of your visualization :

Activate the sharing and enter the emails of your collaborators:

As for a classic email, fill in the subject and the body of the message.

By default, the option "Restrict download to logged users" is selected. In this case, only people authenticated to the MyFeelBack account will be able to download the export of the answers.

By checking "Public download", any recipient of the email will be able to download the export of the replies.

Set the sending frequency.

For example :

To receive your export every Monday morning at 9 am in your email box, select :

"Frequency": Every week

"From": choose the next Monday on your calendar at 9 am.

Finally, click on "Apply" and then "Save".

You're done!

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