What is a raw data visualisation?

A raw data visualisation is a restitution format containing the raw data collected by your surveys

Raw data visualisation allows you to:

  • Set up your automatic answers export;
  • Display the content of responses in a dashboard;
  • Set up your raw data exports (manual or FTP).

When you create a new raw data visualisation, the presentation model is displayed as a table:

To customize the table format, click the "Configure columns" button :

Select "Custom columns" and "Add column" :

Then check the columns you want. For example, in the context section we want to display a "Campaign" column and a "Deployment" column:

Apply your changes.

To finalize your columns :

  • Modify the header of the columns by clicking on the pencil ;
  • Modify the order of the columns by dragging and dropping ;
  • Delete the columns by clicking on the red cross.

Customisation actions also allow you to:

  1. Select your “dataset” and apply the filter to define the precise scope of the desired content:

2. Set the column widths or the number of lines per page. In the case of activation of the verbatim analysis on this campaign, you can choose from the following options:

  • Highlight terms : to point out the key terms detected by the analysis tool;
  • Show polarity: visually distinguish the polarity of terms by coloring (green for positive, gray for neutral, red for negative);

3. Adjust the graphic style of the table : Background color, color and thickness of outlines, size and color of titles and values etc.

4. To set up the export, in case you want this raw data view be exported by users or recipients of the dashboard. You can then:

  • Name the export file: You can define variables for your filename. To do this, add a hashtag. You will see the variables panel appear. You can add several variables to build the name of your file. For example : Export-[#day]/[#month]/[#year]
  • Choose your extension: CSV/XLS and its encoding: ISO/UTF-8
  • Choose to split columns: so each answer to the survey will have its own column (beware risk of complex operation depending on the type of survey)


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