How do I use my library?

The library allows you to record and classify your key indicators and raw data views

From the library, you can easily reuse your indicators and raw data views when creating dashboards, reports and alerts.

Note: In order to optimize the efficiency and readability of your library, we recommend that you add a label to each indicator or data visualization created.

Need to know more about indicators? We explain it all here!

Not sure what the raw data visualizations correspond to? Read our dedicated article!

Indicators and raw data visualizations that you have chosen to add to your library (by creating them directly in the library or by adding them from your dashboard or report) are listed in your library.

To view them go to "Analysis", "Library" and then choose the "Indicators" or "Raw Data" tab.

To easily find your indicators, you can use the search bar or the three filters at your disposal:

  • Filter by dashboard: select one or more dashboards to display all the indicators in your library used in these dashboards ;
  • Filter by report: Select one or more reports to display all of your library's indicators used in those reports;
  • Filter by label: select one or more labels to display all indicators in your library that are marked with these labels. For an optimal organization of your indicators (and of your campaigns, dashboards, reports and alerts as well! ), we strongly recommend the use of labels.

We advise you to apply a naming convention that will allow you to use the full potential of filter classification.

The "attached elements" represent all the elements in which the indicator is currently used. Your indicators can be attached to four types of elements:

  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Alerts
  • Conditions for triggering a questionnaire

For example here, the indicator "Global NPS evolution" is present in 2 dashboards, 1 report, 0 alert and 0 trigger. When hovering over the pictograms, the list of attached items appears: here when hovering over the "reports" pictogram we see that this indicator is used in the "Global NPS" report.

Note: unlike indicators, raw data visualizations can only be attached to dashboards.


You can also edit, duplicate, or delete indicators in the library. Only indicators and raw data visualizations that are not attached to any item can be deleted.

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