Use SSO identification for private and personalised corporate surveys

Employees' access to corporate questionnaires can be authenticated via your company's SSO solution.

Thanks to SSO, only identified and authorized persons can access and respond to your questionnaires.  

This functionality offers you two main advantages:

  • Control access to your questionnaires and confidentiality: respondents must be authenticated and each collaborator is logged in with the rights you have assigned in the SSO.

For example, for a questionnaire addressed to the sales department, you can deny access to employees in the accounting department.

  • Customize your internal questionnaires: display specific questions for each employee thanks to the information available via the SSO.

For example, you can use SSO data related to a collaborator's department or function to display or not certain questions.

  1. How to control access to your questionnaires through SSO?

To make a questionnaire private using SSO authentication, go to the parameters of your deployment and fill in the field "Visibility" with the value "Private":

Once your deployment is set private, you will see an "Identity Federation" field containing by default the identity federation server(s) set up for your MyFeelBack account ("onelogin" in our example):

2. How to customize your internal questionnaires with SSO?

SSO identification will also allow you to feed an attribute plan. To use the data on your employees available in your identity federation solution, click on "Tracking" then select or create the desired attribute. In the "Advanced parameters" section of the attribute, fill in the "SSO field" with the corresponding value.

For example, we want to condition the display of certain questions according to the service of each employee. We create a "service" attribute to which we associate the SSO field "service" sent by the Identity Federation during authentication: 


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