How to create a linked attribute

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Before reading this article, we advise you to take ownership of the notion of attribute, by consulting the following articles:

When you collect responses, the attributes value attached to these responses can’t be modified anymore. So how to make use of responses you’ve already collected and keep your analyze meaningful if attribute values change?

Some attribute values represent factual data (a customer ID or birthday for example), while others can change over time (a store head office for example). It’s important to be able to reflect these attributes changes to give meaning to the collected feedback and to its analysis.

To be able to modify attributes in real time for the responses you’ve already collected, and to follow your attributes movements, you can create linked attributes.

To do so, you need to create a “value list” type of attribute. Once it’s created, you can simply join it with linked attributes.

Let’s take an example: a “stores” attribute contains a value list showing all the physical stores of a brand:

We want to link these stores to their regional head offices. To do so, we must create a linked attribute called “head office”:

Now the linked attribute is created, we will import its values thanks to the “Actions” button:

Then complete the downloadable CSV template with our values for the “head office” linked attribute, save and import it back.

Once the import is done, you can see values by clicking on “Actions” and “Display values”.

You’ll also see the linked attribute identified by an icon into the “Attributes” tab:

Moreover, your new linked attribute “head office” will automatically be added to all the segments where its parent attribute “stores” is available. This way, it can be used to determine scenarios or filter reports for example: 

Let’s say that for strategic reasons, the company would like to include Phoenix store to West region instead of South:

In that case, all you need to do is import back the updated CSV file. This way, the information will be updated for all past answers, and Phoenix will be shown as part of “West”.


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