Use multiple authentication profiles for your connected applications.

Create multiple authenticators for each connected application!
With this feature, you can: 

Test your mappings on your recipe environments before connecting them to your production environment
Apply a different access policy for each of your mappings
Examples of use cases:

  • Create an authentication to connect to a production instance with Zendesk and another to connect to an instance on a Zendesk validation environment
  • Create an authentication to connect to the same Hubspot instance to manage your contacts based in the USA and an authentication for your contacts in France

For example, we would like to use 2 different authentications for the mapping of our Hubspot contacts according to whether they are contacts in France or in the USA.

To create and manage your authentications, go to the Connected Applications menu, then to the "Managed Authentications" tab:

We already have an authentication for our French contacts, we just need to add an authentication dedicated to our Hubspot USA contacts.

To do this, click on "Add a new authentication".

Fill in the required information: a name for your authentication, the API Key and, in our case, the Hub ID (Hubspot identifier):


Your new authentication has been added to your authentication list.

When creating the mapping your authentication appears and you can select it.

You are finished.


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