Create a color scheme, for standard or custom icons: NPS, CSat or Rating scale

Create a color scheme, for standard or custom icons

A color scheme allows you to apply your own colors to your rating scale elements, whether they are icons provided by MyFeelBack or your own icons.

In the Design menu (within your settings), this time open the Color Schemes submenu.

Click on Add new color scheme.

Here you can configure your new color scheme.

1: give a name to your scheme
2: choose the type of question for which the scheme will be adapted: NPS, CSat, or Rating Scale

3: in the case of a rating scale, you must define a number of icons (for the NPS and CSat, the number of icons is already predefined).
4: choose the type of display: numbers, smileys, stars or to custom.

Select Custom, to choose your custom icons.

Note: the setup is exactly the same if you want to customise a gallery of standard icons provided by MyFeelBack (numbers, stars, smileys).

Then select an icon gallery.
Here we use the "Weather Gallery" previously created.

You can personalise your scheme, either with globally defined colours (default) or with customised colours for each icon.

Default colors
This is the quick and efficient customisation option.
Choose a background color (the color of your icons), then a hover color (the color that appears when you move your mouse cursor over an icon).

You can apply a gradient to your icons, by clicking on the dedicated button and selecting an end color.

Note: with the settings below your rating scale will have icons with the first icon of color #4424AF, then gradually fade to the last icon with color #795cdd.

Custom colors
This is the option dedicated to customisation enthusiasts! The color of each icon and the hover can be customised!

For each icon, choose a background color (the color of your icon), then a hover color (the color that appears when you move your mouse cursor over an icon).

You can enter the hexadecimal color codes of your graphic charter, or select your colors with the color picker.

The preview allows you to view your changes in real time.

Once your settings are complete, click Save to save your scheme.

Your scheme appears in the dedicated menu.
You can create as many schemes as you want, to customise each of your rating scales.


Once your color scheme is set up, you need to add it to your design, in your settings, so that it can be applied in your surveys.

Color scheme 1

You can add your color scheme previously created by clicking on “+”.

Color scheme 2

Repeat the operation for each color scheme then click on “save”.


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