Create custom icons for your scoring scales, NPS, CSat and change the colors of answer choices

Learn how to create your own icons in addition to the "numbers, smileys, stars" standards and apply color schemes to customise the appearance of your rating scale, NPS and CSat questions.

Using your custom icon galleries and custom color schemes allows you to:

  • Immerse your respondents in the heart of your brand universe, with surveys "tailored" to your image
  • Increase the response rate, by attracting the attention of your respondents for their desire to answer your survey.
  • Get a better completion rate, with a stronger commitment from your respondents to fully complete their responses

In this article, you will find details of the procedures for:

  1. Create custom icons, for a rating scale, NPS or CSat
  2. Create a color scheme, for standard or custom icons
  3. Customise the colors of your icon galleries and enable them in a design template


1. Create custom icons, for a rating scale, NPS or CSat

Go to the Settings menu, then to the Design menu.
Open the Icon galleries submenu.

Then click on Add a new icon gallery.

1: give a name to your icon gallery
2: select the number of icons your gallery will contain
3: load your icon files, either globally by selecting several files simultaneously, or one by one, in the desired order of appearance

List of requirements for an icon to be conform:Dimension: in square format, without size restriction (the MyFeelBack tool will automatically adapt the proportions).File: in SVG format, uncolored, with a viewBox tagWeight: to allow a perfectly fluid display (without icon loading time) choose the option "optimized for the web" on your SVG file editing tool.Margins must be included within your icons for optimal display of your rating scales.You are free to define the width of your margins, depending on the display you want to see.

Once you have imported your icons, you can click Save to save your custom icons.

In the menu, your gallery of custom icons appears.

You can, duplicate, edit and delete each of your galleries.

We will now see how to create a custom color scheme, then apply it to your icon gallery.


2. Create a color scheme, for standard or custom icons

A color scheme allows you to apply your own colors to your rating scale elements, whether they are icons provided by MyFeelBack or your own icons.

Still in the Design menu (within your settings), this time open the Color Schemes submenu.

Click on Add new color scheme.

Here you can configure your new color scheme.

1: give a name to your scheme
2: choose the type of question for which the scheme will be adapted: NPS, CSat, or Scoring Scale

To customise your icon gallery (previously configured for a rating scale), select Rating scale. 

3: in the case of a rating scale, you must define a number of icons (for the NPS and CSat, the number of icons is already predefined).
4: choose the type of display: numbers, smileys, stars or to custom.

Select Custom, to choose your custom icons.

Note: the setup is exactly the same if you want to customise a gallery of standard icons provided by MyFeelBack (numbers, stars, smileys).

Then select an icon gallery.
Here we use the "Weather Gallery" previously created.

You can personalise your scheme, either with globally defined colours (default) or with customised colours for each icon.

Default colors
This is the quick and efficient customisation option.
Choose a background color (the color of your icons), then a hover color (the color that appears when you move your mouse cursor over an icon).

You can apply a gradient to your icons, by clicking on the dedicated button and selecting an end color.

Note: with the settings below your scoring scale will have icons with the first icon of color #4424AF, then gradually fade to the last icon with color #795cdd.

Custom colors
This is the option dedicated to customisation enthusiasts! The color of each icon and the hover can be customised!

For each icon, choose a background color (the color of your icon), then a hover color (the color that appears when you move your mouse cursor over an icon).

You can enter the hexadecimal color codes of your graphic charter, or select your colors with the color picker.

The preview allows you to view your changes in real time.

Once your settings are complete, click Save to save your scheme.

Your scheme appears in the dedicated menu.
You can create as many schemes as you want, to customise each of your rating scales.


3. Customise the colors of your icon galleries and enable them in a design template

You will now learn how to:

  • Define your custom icons within a scoring scale element, NPS, or CSat, in your survey.
  • Apply a custom color scheme to your icons from the Design menu of your MyFeelBack account.

A / Load a gallery of custom iconsTo use your custom icons, open the campaign you want to modify.
By default, your rating scale displays one of the standard formats (stars, smileys or number) in the preview.

To change the type of icons, click on your Rating Scale element to edit it.

Then in the display section, select Customise, to use your own icons.

Then choose the previously created Gallery.

In the preview, the standard rating stars have been replaced by your custom icons. All that remains is to apply a color scheme.

B / Apply a custom color scheme to your icons

To use a custom color scheme, we will edit your design template.
👉 Learn more about creating a design template

Go to the Settings menu > Design > Design templates.
Then click on Edit.

The customisation module opens.
Click on the Color Scheme menu to open it.

Then add your color scheme and validate.

Reminder: the scheme created previously, will be applied for:

  • Your elements: rating scales
  • Which include: 5 icons
  • With a display: custom icons
  • With icon gallery: Weather Gallery

So don't forget to create as many schemes as necessary variants of rating scales, NPS or CSat questions, then load each scheme to apply it in the edition of your design template.

You're done!

We return to the edition of our campaign, to check that the color scheme has been applied to our gallery of custom icons.

The customisation is effective.

All you have to do is create as many icon galleries and color schemes as there are questions you want to customise.


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