Create design templates to customise your surveys!

Did you know that? In your MyFeelBack account, you can create your own design templates!

The design templates give you great flexibility to:

  • Create a design template as a default design for all your deployments (except those that already have a specific design)
  • Duplicate and modify an existing template, to create variants of your designsEntrust your graphic designers with the creation of a template database in MyFeelBack, from which to draw according to your needs.

Design templates allow you to boost your productivity:

  • Saving time to replicate a design that has been successful with your respondents, from an A campaign to a B campaign (a few seconds)
  • Easy organization, sorting and modification of your designs, whether you work alone or in a team
  • Possibility to test the impact of your customisations on your campaign, by creating design variants for different releases


In this article, you will learn how to:

1 / Create a design template
2 / Apply a model to a deployment
3 / Create a variant of a template


Prerequisites :

Enable the multi brands option to use multiple design templates. 

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1 / Create a design template

Go to the Settings > Design > Design > Design Templates menu

By default you already have a design template, which you can customise.
To create a new template, simply click on Add design template.

Give your model a name to better identify it in your list of models, and to indicate in which case it is recommended to use it.

The template appears in the list.

If you wish, you can define the template as the default template.
That is, any new deployment created later will be based on this model.

Click on edit to customise the design of your template.

After making the changes, save it.

You have finished.


2 / Apply a model to a deployment

For each of your deployments, if you have the multi brands option, you can define individual templates, and even create variants of your templates, during customisation.

In a campaign, in the publishing tab, edit your deployment.

Then click on Customise design.

Then select the design template to use.

Save. The selected template will be applied to your deployment.

We will now see how to create a variant.


3 / Create a variant of a model

If you want to modify a template to create a new version of it, after selecting it, simply click on "Apply a specific design".

Once the changes are completed, you can save it directly as a new template. Practical!

You have finished.


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