What are the messages and emails that MyFeelBack sends you?

We detail below the details of the communications addressed to you, as well as a description for each type of email/message.

It is entirely possible to opt out of receiving certain communications.
Nevertheless, if ou do so, you may slow down your progress with MyFeelBack. 😊


Messages during your "onboarding"
You have just become a MyFeelBack customer. Congratulations!
In order to make everything run smoothly, you will receive messages and some information emails, which will allow you to understand the basics with a disconcerting ease!

MyFeelBack Academy Online Program
You will receive emails inviting you to continue your training for each module of the program. These emails contain strictly personal information and should not be shared with your employees. Each link contained in an email cannot work for another user.

If you validate an Academy module online and start the next one directly, you will not receive the invitation email for this specific module.

Satisfaction survey about your training
You validated the online Academy, then followed the training with our Customer Success Managers. You will receive a satisfaction survey, in order to give us your feedback on the general training program, but also to send us your suggestions (we take into account 100% of your comments).

Regular satisfaction surveys
You will receive a maximum of 3 to 4 surveys per year. They aim to improve our quality of service to our customers. They are also a basis for carrying out new development projects. You will understand that this is important to us, so we are counting on you to help us improve MyFeelBack!

Tips and guides
To save time and increase your skills quickly, within your account you will regularly receive messages to give you "tips", based on the study of our customers' progress.

Good practices and increased performance
We have prepared a series of emails that are triggered according to your progress. To ensure that no grain of sand gets into your devices, you will receive information messages that will help you deploy your campaigns in the best conditions and at a dazzling speed!

Examples of good practices: Activation of a campaign, creation and feeding of an attribute, creation of a statistical report and programming of an automatic sending, creation of an action, activation of a JavaScript TAG and activation of a website deployment, creation of an alert based on an indicator, connection to a CRM [...]

Releases of Success Stories
Let them inspire you! Our customers testify to the success of their strategy to improve their customer experience by detailing different systems they have created with MyFeelBack. Essential resources for your inspiration, Success Stories are carefully designed to help you refine your own campaigns or implement new strategies. We will regularly notify you in your account of the release of a new Success Story.

New features / Evolution of your account
Our team is 100% committed to ensuring that MyFeelBack remains the most ergonomic and powerful platform on the market. E-mails (or messages) informing you of the latest news will be sent to you 2 to 3 times per quarter. MyFeelBack is evolving fast, that's why it's important to be informed about new features that help you increase your performance!

Maintenance and service interruptions
Maintenance emails are punctual and are intended to inform you of (rare) service interruptions. These are scheduled in slots where activity is generally low.

General information
The purpose of general information emails is to inform you of major developments in your relationship with MyFeelBack (strategies, issues, objectives).
You will receive 1 to 2 emails per year at most.


If you have any questions about communications, please feel free to contact us via the contact bubble in your MyFeelBack account.

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