Verbatims: how to activate semantic analysis?

Verbatim analysis allows you to reveal the most commonly used terms and the polarity of your customer comments.

After activating the semantic analysis you'll be able to:

  • Detect the most commonly used terms in your comments: discover in real time the main topics covered by your customers and generate a word cloud to facilitate reading.
  • Identify the polarity (positive or negative) of each sentence to understand the context in which term is used: by putting the terms used into perspective with the polarity of the sentences in which they are used, you identify the subjects that generate the most dissatisfaction and your priorities for action. 

The axes of improvement of your customer journey are hidden in your verbatims, so don't wait any longer to activate their analysis on your MyFeelBack account!


Activate the semantic analysis

Into your campaign, add a text field item.

Open the advanced settings.

Go to the Semantic analysis option.

Tick the Yes box. Then validate.

It's over! No additional steps. You can now analyse all the new verbatims provided by your customers!


Summary of steps to activate semantic analysis


To prepare the step of analysis in your reports and piloting in your dashboards (even before collecting new answers), we advise you to read the following article:
How to analyse verbatims in a statistical report and in a dashboard

Note: Semantic analysis is an option that your Customer Success Manager can activate, please contact him for more information.


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