Condition the display of questions according to dates and times

Optimize your data collection with new options for your date/time questions!

1) Customize your survey according to dates and times, based on either:

  • on the respondent's timezone,
  • on the one in your account,
  • on a fixed timezone.

2) You can also condition the display of questions based on date/time field already recorded by the respondent!

We advise you to read the article beforehand:
Display/hide questions and answers under certain conditions


1) Condition the display of questions according to dates and times

In choosing your condition, add a new condition,

Select the Date/Time condition,

Choose which conditioning Mode you want to use (date or time),

a) Concerning the Date condition you have the choice between:

  • a period (to be included or excluded)
  • the days of the week
  • the days of the month
  • the week numbers
  • the months of the year.

b) For the Time condition you can:

  • include/exclude periods
  • select fixed hours of the day

In both cases you can base your conditions on a time zone:

  • either the one in your account
  • either your participant's timezone
  • either a specific time zone from the exhaustive list of international timezones

You now know how to condition the display of a question according to a time or date.


2) Condition the display of a question according to a date/time answerYou can choose to display a question only if the answer recorded on a previous page matches specific date/time criteria you define.

Example: for a survey deployed after a shop visit, if a respondent indicates that he or she came on a Saturday (typical busy day), you ask him or her if the waiting time at the checkout was of an acceptable length.

To set up the system is very simple!

This time choose a display condition of type Answer,

Then select which question (date or time type) you want to use as a basis for displaying your question.

a) For our example we take a Date answer:

You can condition according to:

  • the day name:
  • the day of the month:
  • the week of the year:
  • the month of the year:
  • the elapsed time:

> We choose for our example the Day name equal to Saturday:

Our condition is very effective:

Our question will only be displayed if the answer to the question "What is the date of your last visit?" is Saturday.

b) To trigger a question based on a time answer:

The procedure is as simple as for a Date answer.

Select the question, for example "What time did you have an appointment"

For example, choose to condition according to:

  • the time:
  • the hour of the day:
  • the elapsed time:

Validate your choice, then save your questions.

You are finished.


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