Add collected answers in real time to a Google Sheets file

Feeding a GSheet file via a webhook, in post-feedback action

The new Google Sheets webhook allows you to create a new line in a Google Sheets file, automatically and with each new answer collected by Skeepers!

So, use the raw customer answers available in your Google Sheets file to:

  • Viewing data in Google Data Studio
  • Share raw answers with your employees
  • Power your third-party web applications connected to Google


The following articles will help you throughout the configuration:


Set up a webhook using the Google Sheets template
Go to Settings > Webhooks > Google Sheets

Click on Integrate

In the URL field, indicate the Spreadsheet_Id, as indicated: [#spreadsheet_Id]/values/Sheet1!A1:append?valueInputOption=RAW
You can find it in the URL of your GSheet file:

For more information about Spreadsheet_Id, see this page.

Choose an OAuth Authentication


You don't have authentication?

To create a new authentication, enter the items listed below:

To generate your identifiers (Client id and Secret),

  • Then activate Google Sheets API
  • Retrieve the codes provided

You can insert the values generated above in the corresponding fields.

Then, indicate the rest of the requested information (Authorization url, Token url and Authorization parameters).


Continue configuration

Once your authentication has been created and selected, you can customize the content of your webhook.

We have added by default the values [], [] and [#answer], but you can modify these values with those that best suit your needs. To learn how to use variables, see the dedicated article.

These values correspond to the information that will be added to each column of your Google Sheets file. Feel free to add new ones if necessary.


Use the webhook

To trigger your webhook and feed your Google Sheets file, configure your Webhook post-answer action.

Select the Google Sheets webhook and indicate the value of the variables used

Check that your trigger criteria match your needs.

Your action is well configured and your webhook is ready to be triggered!


Example of adding data to a Google Sheets file:



Want to try it? Click here