How to encrypt my personal data in MyFeelBack ?

Understanding when it's appropriate or not to encrypt your data and what impact this may have when using your data.

To read the anticipated measures taken by MyFeelBack regarding our compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): click here.


1 - When and how can I encrypt my data?

2 - Preventive measures.


1 - When and how can I encrypt my data?

MyFeelBack encrypts the data of your contacts (first name, last name, email...) and the users of your account by default .
You can also encrypt other data that you consider sensitive: properties, attributes or questions containing a text field.

>> Respondents enter personal information

For instance, within a campaign, if one of your questions suggests an answer with personal data the participant should provide, you can encrypt that data. All free/text fields can be encrypted in the settings of your questions.

Find the option in the advanced settings of the question.


>> You're attaching sensitive information to an answer

When creating an attribute, the encryption option is also offered.
Encryption can be interesting if one of your attributes is, for example, a first name, a last name, an email, or any other data that allows you to easily identify a participant.


>> You're using certain properties

You can encrypt a property whichever type it is (text, number, date, email...). Sometimes a property may contain personal data or information that defines with precision an entity or a group of people. Therefore, the encryption option is also available here.

To create a property, go to Settings > General > Properties


2 - Preventive measures

Encryption is irreversible and does impact the analysis of your data. This is why we advise you to first define the degree of sensitivity of your potentially encrypted data, as well as the intended use of the latter.

Our advice: use encryption for data that can directly identify an individual, from information other than your contacts' standard data, which is already encrypted.

It would be a shame not to be able to benefit from certain key indicators of your business, just because of some data that is not visible.

In the table below, you can note the impact of encryption, either to find data via a search or in different cases of statistical use, within your reports : 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask your Success Manager about them during your next appointment!

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