Advanced design customisation of your surveys

Designs are optimised to get the best possible answer experience, but you can change some advanced settings

Before continuing, we recommend that you first check the articles dedicated to graphic customisation, which will help you understand how to adapt the appearance of your campaigns.

If, however, all the possibilities offered are not enough, you can also use an advanced graphic customisation tool.

We have optimized the different themes to provide the best possible experience for your respondents. Advanced graphical customization allows you to go even further. However, we recommend that you contact a member of your technical team during handling.


Where can I find the advanced customisation tool?

In the editing part of your design, you will find on your right the Advanced CSS Customisation pane.

To open it click on the pictogram:

It displays the Advanced custom CSS pane:

You can directly enter your CSS code in the dedicated input field.

Precautions for use


  • To limit the scope of CSS rules and avoid some display errors, be sure to start the CSS selector with:

"& "

  • For your rule to take precedence over existing rules you can add at the end of the declarations the following keyword:


  • The advanced CSS clause must start with:


  • And must end with:



Example of advanced customisation

You want to change the progress bar by increasing the height and changing the color of the bars.
Let's say you have this graphics database:

Go to the Advanced CSS Personalization panel.

For example, insert this type of personalization code:

Then click on Save.
The progress bar has been updated.

Do not hesitate to ask your technical team to help you customize your survey as well as possible.


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