User Guide

An abstract of the basics to master, to be able to use the platform by yourself.

You've just successfuly finished your training on the MyFeelBack platform.
To help you with your first steps, we suggest that you should use this user guide. It will allow you to remember many essential elements approached in the first training, so that you can peacefully deal with your customer knowledge projects.


Before you configure your first campaign, a few steps are necessary: 

Add a domain
Create a website deployment
Define your attributes and your segments
Implement the deployment tag on your website 

Once you've successfully done those steps, you can start building your surveys. We propose that you expore all of the menus available in your MyFeelBack account, while diving into further details of the main features. 



Create your survey 

Add elements

Modify the flow of a survey 

Put actions in place

Campaign settings









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