My campaign doesn't work or contains errors

Identify easily the blocking points that could interrupt a campaign or deployment.

You have taken time to create your campaign, but not everything is working as planned? No worries! We've made a list of solutions that may help, so that you can quickly solve whatever has gone wrong. 

The elements below will allow you to easily identify blocking point that could interrupt a campaign, deployment or even data collection.

A message tells you the campaign is finished.

  • Check the planning dates of your campaign and reach your answers quota.

  • Check the potential deployment dates of the segment linked to the campaign.

My survey isn't going to the next page.

Check the configuration of your customized buttons and potential associated scenarios.

The answers are not being registered.

Check that your deployment isn't in "test mode".

Check the configuration of your customized buttons.

Check that none of your scenarios is taking you back to the first page of your survey (as this would mean your survey is going round in loops without taking the answers into account).

A sub-question isn't being triggered.

  • Check that the sub-question is well conditioned on a/several answer(s) of the previous question.

The data related to my respondent isn't showing up with his answer.

  • Check that the correct segment was well attached to your campaign.

Prevent the deletion of your answers. 

  • If you wish not to display the question, don't delete it. Otherwise, the previous answers collected with it, will also be deleted.

We advise you should rather create a specific page within your survey to archive your questions. This page shouldn't be linked to other pages (nor by a button, nor by a scenario), so that it is not visible by the respondents.

  • If you don't wish to use a deployment anymore, you can just deactivate it. If delete it, the answers collected via this deployment will also be deleted.

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