Organizing campaigns using labels

In order to organize your campaigns, you can add labels.

As you use MyFeelBack, you will create many campaigns, both ad hoc and recurring.


In order to organize your campaigns, you can add labels, which will appear directly in the list of your campaigns.

The label can be a date, a reference, a keyword. 

To add a label, open your campaign, then click on Settings at the top right. 

Finally, click on Add and fill in your labels. 

At any time, you can remove labels that are no longer needed.

In the list of your campaigns, you can use the filter function to display precisely certain labels, in order to quickly find the campaigns that interest you.

If, in your company, several services have access to your campaigns, we advise you to add a label to each campaign, to identify the different services concerned by each one.

Now you know how to manage your campaign labels.

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