We are going to set up a campaign so specific actions will be triggered « manually ».

For instance, let’s say you wish to redirect the respondents who are interested in your products, from the thank you page of your survey, to a specific page on your website, where they can book a demo.

Within your campaign, in the Actions tab, three steps can be configured. 

The step "When" offers you two options:"on page submit", i. e. your actions will be triggered when a specific page is validated by the respondent, and "manual", where you will have to associate your scenario with a custom button of your survey, such as "Validate and execute a scenario".

This button works with the post-feedback actions but also with the scenarios, which allow you to modify the flow of the survey.

Let’s choose a manual deployment and let’s add specific conditions.

We could use the « answer category » condition that can let you use a category as a deployment condition. The category can be specified for each answer when you are configuring your questions. 

When setting up a quizz, it is used to create a profile of respondent. The respondent is matched with a category based on his or her answers.

In our specific case, if you wish to redirect visitors that are not yet clients of yours towards your website, select an answer condition to identify if the respondent is a client or not. 

Then select a second answer condition, in order to know if the respondent is interested by your product or service.

Lastly, add the « redirect » action and then fill out the destination URL.

You can also apply a flag to easily identify all the participants that are visitors and interested in your product but not yet clients of yours.

Lastly, you need to go back to the thank you page of your campaign, hide the submission button by default, and add a customized button.
The action will then be « save and execute a scenario » where you will choose the scenario that you just created.

Upon clicking on the button, the visitor who is not yet a client, and who is interested in your product, will be directed towards your website and a tag will be applied.

 To disable a scenario without erasing it, just use the « ON/OFF » button.

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