How to use « Rich content » elements.

Customize your survey with formatted text, variables, links, images, and videos.

The "rich content" element is in the form of a text editor

The "rich content" element is in the form of a text editor. It allows you to customize your survey with formatted text, variables, links, images (or animated images), and videos.

For the creation of the MyFeelBack Academy, we have used rich content to display our explanatory videos, such as the one you are currently viewing, but also to personalize the survey with variables (for example, your first name and the score you get at the end of the module) or to integrate animated images.


Edit your content

For the font, you can change the font size, bold and italic display, and the text alignment (left, center, right or justified).

It is also possible to organize your text via bullets, numbering, increase or decrease the indentation, or modify the text format.

A button for deleting the formatting is available, as well as two buttons to cancel an operation or restore it.

You can add a link. We recommend that you choose the "new window" option to open the page in a new tab, so that your participant does not leave the survey if he clicks on your link. 

You can also add formats for titles and subtitles, or add a table.

To add an image, click on the image icon. 

  1. In the source field, indicate the URL of your image. 
  2. If your image is not already hosted or you do not have the link, open the file explorer. 

In it, you will find the files already imported, as well as a navigation menu and some display options. You can sort your content by creating as many folders as you need.

Make sure that the names of the files you import do not contain spaces, special characters, or accents; to make sure they are well integrated.

To add a new image, click on upload. Jpeg, png and gif formats are supported, up to a maximum size of 5 Mega per file. 

Click on "Upload" to load the file, then return to the browser. By default, the uploaded element is already ticked. Click on "Insert", then choose the desired dimensions. Image alignment can also be adjusted.


To add a video, click on the icon and add the link.

We recommend that you integrate videos directly from your video service : Youtube or Vimeo that offers an integration code. This way, the number of views on your video will be counted in your different services.

To add a video from an external service, simply use the "Embed" tab and paste the code of your video. 

Rich content offers you many options. If you would like to add more specific elements, you can contact our support, who will help you with integration.

The last step of customization is the insertion of a variable. Click on the "Insert Variable" menu, then choose the item to display. For example, the client's first name. Dynamically, each participant will see his or her first name displayed automatically.

For more details about the use of variables, please don't hesitate to read this article.

Now your rich content is properly configured. You can preview it before saving.

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