How to create a conversational sms deployment?

Use SMS type of deployment to collect qualified answers!

Conversational SMS allow participants to respond directly to your survey via SMS. Each question / answer is the subject of sending / receiving sms, to recreate a conversation between your client and you.

Use the Conversational SMS to:

  • Collect new data quickly from your customers
  • Easily develop your customer knowledge
  • Use new answers to enrich your customer experience

Benefit from spontaneous answers from each respondent through conversational SMS!

Examples of use:

  • Post in-store purchase, allow your customers to respond immediately to a survey from their mobile, just as they leave your shop.
  • Measure your customers' satisfaction with the quality of your delivery service as soon as they have received their package.
  • Collect key customer information you need (attributes), to directly integrate into your CRM (example: a postal code) and to exploit it during the deployment of your next campaign.

Differences between "SMS" deployment and "Conversational SMS" deployment

SMS deployment is used to deploy a campaign to your customers as a link to your survey. At the click, the respondent is redirected to his mobile browser to answer the survey.

Conversational SMS deployment allows the respondent to directly answer via SMS to your survey, in order to collect new answers more easily.

These deployments are both adapted to different uses:

  • "SMS" deployment allows you to deep customize your survey, to deploy a campaign with a large number of questions and to collect as much data as possible for each customer.

You can use any of the types of items that are available when creating your campaign, without restriction. Read the article: les éléments.

  • "Conversational SMS" deployment take the advantage of considerably increase the number of collected feedbacks, thanks to the spontaneity of your respondents. It is recommended for the deployment of a campaign to collect data quickly, with a limited number of questions.

For this deployment only specific elements can be used:

Text, Email, Postal Code, Date, Time, Numeric, Phone, Checkboxes (no multiple choice), Optin, Slider, Rating Scale, Net Promoter Score, Rich Contents (text only), Button.

Set up a "Conversational SMS" deployment

Go to the "Deployments" menu, then click on "Create new deployment".

Then select "Conversational SMS",

Choose which campaign you want to deploy,

Give a name to your deployment,

Then set up different settings: broadcast list, language, contacts solicitation preferences, Immediately or later send of the SMS.

1) Broadcast list

Choose the right broadcaster list who contains your respondents (if necessary, read the article: create a broadcast list).

2) SMS language

Now select the language of your SMS.

  • Original sms language of the campaign is the language you used to write your survey
  • Contact's language is the language assigned to the participant.
  • The language of the contact's country is based on the location of the respondent (depending on the web browser).

3) Segment

Define the segment who will be linked to your SMS deployment.

3) Manage respondent solicitation

Select the desired type of solicitation from the drop-down list.

You can choose not to show your campaign to contacts that have been solicited for some time. That is, if your contacts have already received a request to participate, they will not receive a new request during the time you set.

This allows you not to collect duplicate responses, but above all to avoid unnecessarily disturbing your contacts who have already received a request to participate in your survey.

Do not forget to check the box "Send only to contacts updated", if you don't want your contacts already solicited to be solicited again (always respecting the chosen period of non-solicitation). So only the updated contacts will receive the SMS on your next send.

Example: If a contact group has participated in your campaign in February and you choose "Send only to contacts unsolicited for 1 month", then the next time you'll send your campaign in March, this group will be solicited again.

4) Last step

Define here if you want to send SMS immediately or later.

Now you can save, then test before click on "Send" to validate.

Don't forget to activate your campaign before to share it

Preview of a campaign deployed by conversational SMS

Note: limitation of the number of characters

In order to maintain an optimal reading comfort for your respondents, by default a sms can contain only one question. The number of SMS characters is limited to 160 characters.

Question label, help text (optional) and text, both must not exceed this limit (160 characters) so that your question will be sent in one SMS.

If you wish to avoid this limitation, please contact us.


Important : Regulations for sending SMS messages

In accordance with the regulations in force, the sending of marketing SMS is not allowed on Sundays and public holidays. Apart from these restrictions, SMS must be sent in specific time slots:

  • Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday from 10am to 8pm


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