Within your campaign, you can organise all your questions as you wish.

This allows you to create a customised survey to collect as many answers as possible. 

The organisation can be modified at any time (however, be careful not to modify a survey being deployed to which your respondents are answering).

In this article we will explain how to move, organise, transform, duplicate or delete a question.


Drag to another page

You can choose between the dragging/dropping or by clicking on the question.

1) By drag and drop

Choose your question by clicking on it. 

While holding your click, start moving the selected question.

Drag the question to the desired page on the left column (in the example, page 2). 

Once the drop zone appears on the landing page (framed with dotted lines), then you can drop off your question.

Question 1 has moved from page 1 to page 2.

2) By clicking on the question number

Click on the question to move (here question 3 on page 2).

In the drop-down menu, choose on which page you want to move your question.

Set its position on the landing page (here, before the question "Please provide your phone number"), then validate.

Your question thus takes position 1 on page 3.

Move within the same page

You can also move a question by drag/dropping it within the same page. Nevertheless, very practical navigation buttons are at your disposal.

On each question, when you hover over its number, arrows appear to allow you to move up or down your question.

Click on the upper or lower arrow to organise the position of your question.

Turn a question into a sub-question

It is possible to transform a question into a sub-question and vice versa using the horizontal navigation arrows.

Example: question > sub-question.

Example: sub-question > question.

Meaning of the pictograms

The pictogram surrounded in green below concerns the display's conditions of the question.
For more information, we recommend that you consult the dedicated article:
Display/hide questions and answers under certain conditions.

The following pictogram is a button to add a sub-question.
For more information, we recommend that you consult the dedicated article: How to add a sub-question.

To duplicate your question, simply click on the Duplicate button. It is located just at the top right of your question.

To remove your question, click directly on the red cross.

Be careful, when you remove a question, if your survey is already being deployed, all the answers associated with this question will also be deleted in your statistics.


Here is a video that explains how to edit your survey.


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