How to copy / deactivate / delete a scenario?

Prerequisite: you have already created one or more scenarios. Not sure how to do it? We explain everything in this article!

Duplicate or delete an action:

Use the two icons located at the top right of your scenario block to duplicate or delete it:

Move a scenario:

You can easily change the order of your scenarios by dragging and dropping. To do this, click on the scenario you want to move, then drag your cursor to the desired position while maintaining the click.


Activate or deactivate your scenarios:

It is possible to activate or deactivate a scenario on valid responses and on test responses. Simply turn on or turn off the “Activate for a valid answer” and “Activate for a test answer” buttons.

To activate or deactivate all of your scenarios on valid answers and on test answers, use the buttons “Activate all scenarios for a valid answer” and “Activate all scenarios for a test answer”:

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