How to activate a campaign and a deployment?

Learn how to deploy easily your campaign

If you want to learn how to activate a campaign, you can watch the video from 1min35.

You have created your campaign by following our article : Create my survey or by taking example on one of our models but you don't know how to activate it.


Activate a campaign and a deployment

To start, go to the Campaigns menu.

Edit the desired campaign that is in Draft status. Here we are choosing the campaign NPS Survey.

Navigate towards the Deployments tab.

  • If you already have a Deployment attached to your Campaign, edit it: 
  • If you haven't attached a Deployment to the Campaign, click on the button Create a new deployment:

If you have already created a diffusion, but it doesn't appear in the list, clic on Attach existing deployment:

To learn more about deployments, don't hesitate to check out this article: Deployments

Once your deployment is correctly set, all you have to do is select the green Activate button.

A confirmation message appears.

Automatically Your Campaign change to Live status.

Result in your Deployment list: 

Result in your Campaign list:


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