How to define extra content for all my campaigns?

Select “Settings” in the main menu and click on “Extra content” (Campaigns section). 

Then, you can configure the following extra content:

  • Confirmation: customize default confirmation content for all your campaigns.
  • Before deployment: customize default pre-deployment content (campaign not started) for all your campaigns (as a function of release dates).
  • Inactivity: customize default inactive campaign content for all your campaigns.
  • After deployment: customize default post-deployment content for all your campaigns as a function of release dates.
  • Unauthorized: customize default unauthorized content for all your campaigns, when a user is not authorized to submit a feedback.

Those texts are visible in your surveys and here is the only way to modify their content.
You don't have to edit it, it's just a good practice. Don't forget to save your contents when they are ready.

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