In the “Settings” page you can find the same parameters you previously learnt to configure in our “How to design all of your Lives?” part.
 Two different customization modes are available:

  • Design all your lives.
  • Design one specific live.

If all your Lives will appear the same way, it would be easier to customize it by going to the Settings in the main menu (then, you will be able to modify one of your live without changing the design of the others).
 If you need to modify only one specific live, please read the second part of this article "How to customize one specific Live".

 1/ How to customize all your Lives at the same time :
In the main menu, select Lives >> Settings.

This way, you reach our customization tool. Read the second part of the article to know more about it.
Once your settings are configured, all your future lives will look the same way.

2/ How to customize one specific Live:
In the main menu, select Lives and then Listing.

In the list, click on the Live you need to modify.
Once it's opened, go to the Settings tab: 

Now you are in the customization tool.
To begin, choose your theme and upload your logo.
Once you did, choose between different automatic colors palettes depending on your own graphic specifications. 

Continue by setting up your global settings like the fonts and colors: 

Then, find the settings concerning the Slides: 

And finally the last settings about your Charts:

Don't forget to save when you are done.

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