Go by the left menu “Lives”. Click on the “Create a new live” button. Define a title for your live. Select a specific deployment and a specific campaign. Add slides to your live and don’t forget to click on the “Save” button when you’re done.

To know more about MyFeelBack Live!, please read our article: What is a live?

 In the main menu, select "Lives" and click on "Lists". 

Then, click on the button "Create new live":

Give a title to your Live and associate your Deployment and your Campaign (if more than one campaign is attached to your deployment).

Choose the layout of your first slide in the drop down list:

Then, you can customize your slide by a click on each element. Edit your content thanks to the WYSIWYG editor.
 Edit the display mode by a click on an element in the slide and choose between "Charts" or "Live stream". 

To Add a new slide, click on the button "Add new slide" right under your last slide:

To modify the content of your new slide, edit it the same way we just did with the first one by a click on it.
 Don't forget to save when you are ready.

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