By clicking on a visual item in one of your slides, you will be able to edit the visualisation. Choose to display Live stream:

You will now configure the different items of your Live Stream.

  • Question's choice: the question that will feed the stream.
  • Author's personnalization: leave it "None" if you do not want to see the author. Otherwise, you will have to retrieve the information via your survey.
  • Answers' filters: allows you to display answers only for a defined period of time.
  • Flow moderation: allows you to distribute the moderation work by selecting from a drop-down list (to be created in advance) the entities that each moderator will process. (Example: If 300 people answer during a conference, 100 people in a technical list, 100 in a digital list and 100 in a marketing list. Then 3 specialised moderators will each be able to handle only one of the three lists of streams dedicated to questions from guests in their respective field of activity.)
  • Integration: here nothing to fill in, the field will be auto-completed by a URL that redirects to the code corresponding to the incoming stream received.

         Once your stream is configured, don't forget to save your changes. 


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