How to create or import a new broadcast list?

Go by the main menu “Contacts” and click on “Broadcast lists”.

Click on “Create a new list” button.

Give a name to your list and save.

Then you can edit it:

If you want to create a contact or to attach an existing contact to your list, please check our dedicated articles.

Import your broadcast list

You can import contacts into your broadcast list:

  • Manual import of contacts via manual file import directly from the contact list. A solution generally chosen for ad-hoc studies.
  • Automated import via FTP repository;
  • Automated import via API.

1. Manual import of contacts

Click on "Contacts" and then on the arrow in the "Actions" button.

Download the CSV model and modify it with your own data. Be careful and always respect the arrangement and the name of the columns. You are not obliged to complete all the field.

Let's take an example of a completed document :

Once your file is ready, get back to the "Actions" button and click on "Import from your CSV file". A message tell you if everything is ok or if you have some issues to modify.

A message tells you if everything is ok or if you have some issues to modify.

Finally, click on "Confirm import" to go to your broadcast list.

Your final list looks like the following picture. You can still manually edit each contact, by clicking on "Edit".

2. Import via FTP

Prerequisite: you must first create an FTP repository in your account settings

Once your list has been created, edit your list and click on Enable FTP import.


All you have to do is select the target FTP repository and select the language and frequency of sharing:

If you want contacts to be solicited on each import, you should activate the option below:

The solicitation rules for your delivery will be checked at each import for the imported contacts. For example, if your solicitation rules specify that a contact can only be solicited once a month, if one of the imported contacts was solicited this week, they will not receive a new email or text message.

Don't forget to save.

3. Import via API

To act on your contacts from our API, many endpoints are open.

In the context of sending in daily or real time flow, we recommend the “Deployments - Insert or update contact and send deployment” endpoint allowing to create or update the contact and also the email or SMS of the diffusion.

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