How to define the design for a specific deployment?

To make each campaign unique, we offer you the opportunity to customize the appearance of each of your survey!

 Use this option to:

  • Choose the look of your campaigns by recreating your brand universe
  • Adapt the design according to the type of deployment chosen and the segment who participates
  • Increase amount of collected feedbacks thanks to an attractive display

Once the option is activated, a new personalization button appears in each of your deployments.

Let's see how to use it!

To customize all your surveys, we recommend that you read the following article: modify the design of all my surveys .

Customize the design of a deployment

In the Menu, go to the "Deployments" menu,

Select the deployment that you want to customize, then click "Edit",

Choose "Customize your design" to access the design modification interface.

The design panel it opens. On the left you get the menu and on the right an overview of your changes.

Available themes

"Select your theme" lets you choose the theme that best suits your use.

Simple: Theme with fast and effective customization. You can insert your logo, change the background color, change the text color and text background of the following items: title, questions, buttons, footer, border of image choice lists.

Sagena: You'll find the same customization options as the previous theme, plus the possibility to modify answers colors. The font and the type of submit button also differ.

  • Egynn: In addition to previous customizations, you can add a background image (automatically blurred) rather than a color, set the form field label position (that is, within the response field or above). Any sub-question do not appears on the same page, but on a different page. You can also choose to add a progress bar per page on this template to support your respondents in completing the questionnaire.
  • November: For this one, the sub-questions appear directly below their parent questions. You can also choose to add a progress bar per page on this template to support your respondents in completing the questionnaire. The November model complies with the ADA standard (standard for people with disabilities).

If you use a theme with a blurred background image, it's necessary to re-upload if you want the background become sharp in the Horizon theme.

  • Horizon: On this theme, the survey display takes place in width, the distribution of answers is build with two columns (ideal for big choice lists), the background image can be optionally blurred. Finally, a progress bar per page is directly integrated into your survey. It can be optionally hidden.

Progress bar :

Continue configuration

  1. Choose your logo,

Color picker appears after you selected your logo, to adapt your survey to the colors of your brand.

 2) Background image: (Egynn, November and Horizon)

We recommend that you use a high resolution image for a better display (resolution greater than 2560 x 1600).

3) Survey: (Egynn, November and Horizon)

Specific elements of customization appear depending on the theme.

Font (November and Horizon) and the position of your Form field label (Egynn, November and Horizon).

4) Select colors:

Additional items:

  • Button Hover (November)
  • Image Liste Border Color (Horizon)

Colors can be modified with the color picker or by putting the hexadecimal code of each element (ex: #FFFFFF).

5) Tracking:

Allows you to paste your Google analytics tracking code.

6) Other:

Choose whether to display the Favicon, bold display questions and insert an advanced CSS code to further personalize your survey.

Don't forget to save.

It's done. You know how to customize the design of a specific deployment!

Your next surveys will use the by default design set in your general settings, but now you'll be able to customize them as you wish!

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