How to use or create an email template?

Our experts have created for you new email templates based on best practices and best performance in order to maximize your success.

This is the result of the collaboration of hundreds of customers and the follow-up of thousands of surveys distributed via MyFeelBack.

Our goals: Simplify the process, reduce the time spent and increase your performance! 

4 email templates are now available :

  • Invitation to answer via a button
  • Invitation to answer including the first question in the e-mail
  • Internal notification
  • Customer notification

You can easily customize the content in order to answer to your needs. You will still have the possibility to create your own template from scratch.

In the menu on the left, go to "Settings" > "General"> "Email Templates" .

Click on “Add template”. Give a name to your new email template.

Choose your model or click on "Create your own email template from scratch". Change or enter the subject and body of your email as you would like for a conventional email.
 You also have the possibility to integrate your variables (informations that you can find for example in your attributes).
 Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

You can prepare your internal email notification (ex: notification for your unsatisfied customers) and automatic sendings to your customers (ex: automatic sending for a post-purchase satisfaction survey).
 Here is the editing mode of an email including the first question of the survey : 

Remember to Save your changes after you complete your template by clicking on “Save changes”.

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