How to use MyFeelBack to feed MailChimp (CRM)?

How to use MyFeelBack to feed MailChimp (CRM)? Fabrice

This connector allows you to create and/or update Subscribers of your MailChimp account, with answers from on any smart survey. 

Find how by following these few steps.

To learn more about mapping, feel free to read our article: what is a mapping .


I - Requirements

  • In order to configure your mapping, you have to make sure your campaign is correctly set up. 
  • Start by identifying which information you want to send to MailChimp, i.e. the answers you want to feed to MailChimp. 
  • Tag those questions to identify them easily when you will be creating the Mapping between MyFeelBack and MailChimp. By doing this, you will be able to use the same mapping for different surveys, which is pretty handy.
  • As the email address is essential, please make sure to collect it directly through a question in your survey or using an Attribute.

II - Connect to MailChimp

Then you need to connect MailChimp to MyFeelBack.

Go to Settings in the side menu. Click on Available applications.

Then click on the + Integrate button of MailChimp.

You can now Connect to MailChimp and enter your MailChimp credentials.

Go to your Account in MailChimp to get the API key (find or generate your KPI key). 

 Your List ID is located in the Settings of the list (find your list ID). 

III - Mapping

Once you've connected MailChimp with MyFeelback, you can design your Mapping. 

Click in the Mappings tab and then on the + Add new mapping button.

You can now set your MailChimp Mapping:

1/ Enter your targeted List ID.

2/ Name your mapping to easily remember it.

3/ In Distant App object, select Subscriber. It corresponds to the element on MailChimp that you will feed with information.

4/ The Identification field is essential to link a contact between MyFeelBack and MailChimp. An email address (which has to be the same in MyFeelBack and MailChimp to ensure your mapping will work) will allow us to link the accounts.

5/ The Operation is the action done by the connector:

  • Creation: If Subscriber is not found using the email address in the list on MailChimp, we create a new entry on MailChimp with the fields previously set up. If not, nothing happen.
  • Update: If Subscriber is found using the email address in the list on MailChimp, we update an existing entry by writing over an old one on MailChimp. If not, nothing happen.
  • Create or Update: If Subscriber is found thanks to the email address in the list on MailChimp, we update an existing entry by writing over an old one on MailChimp. If not, we create a new entry.

6/ You now have to fill the Mapping fields:
 A Mapping field is the link between the question in MyFeelback and a field in the Subscriber's sheet in MailChimp.

  • Internal objects are the information to find in MyFeelBack (in this case, a question associated to a Tag named Abandon). 
  • External fields are the fields which will be modified in MailChimp (in this case, a field called Reason of non purchase in your Contact sheet in MailChimp).
  • Transformation could be used to change the way your data is collected before adding it to MailChimp (example: change a phone number from +001943XXXXX to 943XXXXX).

Make sure to always add a Mapping field linked to your Identification field (in that case the email).
In our example, we feed our respondent answers to the questions tagged Abandon and Name, to the fields Reason of non purchase and Last Name in MailChimp (External field of my Subscriber sheet in MailChimp). As you will see, we also get data about NPS, shoe size and the household of our respondent.

Do not forget to Save your changes.

IV - Actions

Once your mapping is ready, you need to use it in an action inside your corresponding Campaign to make it work. 

On the Actions tab of your Campaign, define your When and If conditions.
What is an action?

Then select Feed an application as the Then action.

Select your mapping.

In our example, our scenario basically says: When a page is submitted and If this Page is called Abandoning, Then Feed my CRM with this specific mapping.

Do not forget to save your modifications.

All you need to do now is to deploy your Campaign and verify that everything works well in MailChimp.


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