The URL generator is a fantastic tool to increase your data collection when you deploy your campaign by URL. The URL below uses fields of your contact list to be used as attributes in MyFeelBack.

The URL generator allows you to attach contextual data to your answers during an URL deployment of your survey.

The data collected on MyFeelBack via the deployment of survey, automatically enriches your CRM.

Pre-requisites: you should have done the steps below prior to using the URL generator.

1/ Connect an app to MyFeelBack

For this example, we'll use the Mailchimp app, to attach data of a contacts list to any feedback collected from surveys.
 Using a different app? No problem, click here for a step-by-step guide.

1- Go to "Settings" > "Apps integrations" then choose Mailchimp.

2- Put your API key and your account ID.

Need help? Read How to use MyFeelBack to feed MailChimp (CRM)?

2/ Collect tags to fill the values

Open you App homepage (in this case:

1- Go to "Lists" on the top menu.

2- Choose your contacts list or create a new one. Here we use "MyFeelBack contacts".

3- Into your list, click on "settings" then on "List fields and *|MERGE|* tags".
 In other apps, this menu could be named differently.

4- Get the right values.

Here we'll find the "Tags" or "System names" that we'll indicate in the "Value" field of the MyFeelBack URL generator. With Mailchimp, if we get the "Email" field, it's possible to use the *|EMAIL|* tag or the *|MERGE0|* tag.

5- Copy tags, you'll need them to fill values in the URL generator fields.

3/ Fill values and get your powerful URL

Come back to MyFeelBack, where we've kept the following informations:

*|MERGE0|* equals to "Email Address" in Mailchimp and to the "Customer Email" attribute in MyFeelBack

*|MERGE1|* equals to "First Name" in Mailchimp and to the "First Name" attribute in MyFeelBack

*|MERGE2|* equals to "Last Name" in Mailchimp and to the "Last Name" attribute in MyFeelBack

1- Navigate to the survey you've created before. Our survey is called "Waiting time".

2- In the "Segment" category, check if your attributes match your segment correctly.

Here we have 3 attributes: Customer Email (customer_email), First Name (customer_firstname) and Last Name (customer_lastname).

3- If everything's ok, you can now "Create a new deployment" by clicking on this button.

4- Choose "URL", our goal is to generate an URL with attached attributes.

5- Give a name to your new deployment.

6- Open the generator by clicking on "URL Generator".

Here you can check if your attributes match your segment correctly. Empty fields must be filled with the Mailchimp tags.

7- Fill each value with his respective tag.

Example: *|MERGE0|*, *|MERGE1|* or *|MERGE2|* for "customer email", "customer firstname", "Customer lastname"

Finally, click on "Generate" to create your URL !

That's it, you're done! 👍

This URL allows you to:

  • Easily deploy your survey thanks to the generated URL
  • Use you contacts list attributes to empower your feedbacks
  • Collect new data and enrich your CRM in real time

Connect you Apps, increase your results!

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