How to create a URL deployment?

To create a URL deployment, go to the Deployment menu.

Then click on the "Create a new deployment" button.

Then choose "URL".

Select the campaign(s) to be deployed and name your Deployment. 

Validate. You can use the generated link.
It will allow you to test your campaign and share it quickly with your teammates.
To do this, we advise you to read the article dedicated to testing your deployments. 

If you have set up Attributes, generate a new URL including them to facilitate the tracking of your campaign by clicking on the URL Generator: 

Click here to learn more about the attributes attached to a URL deployment.

By clicking on the Generate button, you will only have to copy your URL.

Note: The values will be replaced by the data you insert before generating this link.

After testing your campaign, if you want to deploy it, activate your campaign before sharing it, in order to collect answers.

To go further, see the article: how to attach your attributes to a deployment URL


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