What is a deployment?

Deployments allow you to deploy your surveys on different medias

A deployment is the means used to solicit respondents. This is a necessary step in getting answers to your survey.
Thus, a campaign can be deployed on different media. This allows you to reach all your marketing targets.

For example, you want to obtain a customer service satisfaction rating. You can create a deployment of your survey by SMS, email and even on your website. 


Deploy your campaign

Once your survey is completed, you can set up your deployment (do not hesitate to consult the checklist of steps for a perfect campaign).

Go to the Deployments tab.

You can also access the Deployment menu from the menu on the left. 

Then click on the Create a new deployment button. 

Then choose the survey experience between a classic or conversational deployment.

A conversational deployment is a type of display that provides an interactive experience with the respondent. The survey is conducted as if it were part of a conversation (see an example at the end of the article).

Once you have selected the survey experience, choose the method by which you want to deploy your survey.

You can choose from these different media:

  • Website: trigger your survey at the right time on your Website by customising the type of appearance.
  • URL: generate a URL (with tracking) to deploy your survey in a very simple way.
  • Facebook or Twitter: get answers to your survey via your social networks.
  • Email: send your survey by email via MyFeelBack or your own emailing solution (you can integrate the first question of your survey into your email).
  • QR code: retrieve answers thanks to a QR code placed on a physical support (document, paper, flyer, etc.).
  • Button: embed a button on your website to trigger a click survey.
  • SMS: send an invitation to answer the survey by sms (the link will open in a browser).
  • Conversational SMS: transform your survey into conversations by asking your questions directly by SMS.

To learn more, feel free to watch our video on Creating a deployment:

Here is an example of a conversational deployment: 


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