Consolidate answers from different questions with the tags

Tags are very useful for linking responses between multiple surveys, deployed to different respondents or segments.

Labels are used to identify all responses to the same type of question. Labels are very useful for consolidating responses across multiple questionnaires, distributed to distinct respondents or segments.

Let's take an example:

You want to collect customer satisfaction data, including in-store waiting time. You build two separate satisfaction surveys, based on respondent profiles.

Each survey will include a question about "waiting time". Even if the questions are different, the expected answers are the same. That's when the Tag comes into play, to help you consolidate all of these answers.

Requirements: Create a campaign with two separate questions (minimum). Need help? See the dedicated article.

Setup a Tag

You will define a common tag, in the "Advanced Settings" tab for each of your questions. 

In the "Campaigns" menu, open one of your campaigns, then edit a question by clicking on it.

Go to the "Advanced Settings" tab

Then fill in the field "Tag", here we use "Waiting time" as a tag.

Repeat the process for all the questions you expect to receive answers of the same type (regardless of the number of your campaigns).

Here on another survey, the question "How long did you wait before you were able to speak with someone?" is expecting the same answers type as the question "How long did you wait?". We will then apply the same tag.

Go to advanced settings

Specify the "Waiting time" tag

You're done! Let's see the result now!

Exploit the data

You can now enjoy your previous work     

Go to the "Stats" menu, then "Reports" and "Customized".

Create a new report.

Next, give it a title and select a new dimension.

Select the "Questions" dimension.

Then choose "Based on: Tag".

Finally, choose which tag to use, here "Waiting time".

All you have to do is validate and display the results.

This report says that 12 responses have been collected globally and we can see the distribution of answers among our two different questions. Your tag is working and you can link responses of the same type across multiple campaigns.

Global view of my tags

Get the global list of your tags in the "Settings" menu, then "Tags".

You will find an overview of the linked questions as well as the campaigns attached to each tag. Of course, you can create as many tags as you need 😉

Note  : this feature is retroactive, meaning that if you add tags on a survey that is already live (even with answers already submitted), you will be able to consolidate data from the past.

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