How do I retrieve data from my attributes?

How do I retrieve data from my attributes? Fabrice

👉 Prerequisites:

Before reading this article, we advise you to take ownership of the notion of attribute, by consulting the following articles:


Retrieve data from your attributes

To view the data recovered with your attributes, go to

  • Campaigns >> Stats button of your campaign

You are now in the overview table of all your answers. To view your attributes, scroll to the Attribute category in the left column. Thus, for our example, you get the following information about your attributes "Civility" / "First name" / "Last name" / "Email": 


Your attributes are not showing up any information? This can be due to several errors/forgotten!

> Your Attributes are not attached to your Segment 

To attach your Attributes to your Segment, go to the menu:

  • Tracking >> Segment

Then attach your existing Attributes directly via the search bar or create new ones using the green "Create New" button.

> Your Segment is not attached to your Campaign

To attach your segment to your Campaign, go to the menu:

  • Campaigns >> Segment

Then click on "Attach an existing segment" or "Create a new segment".

> Your Segment is not selected in your Deployment. 

For this case, several possibilities. Depending on your type of Deployment, you will have to select your Segment in different ways.

  • For example, in the case of an email deployment, if several segments are attached to your deployment, select your desired Segment and not the Global Deployment (which will not track any data).
  • In the particular case of a URL Deployment, make sure you select the Segment URL, or even better, generate your URL from the URL generator. (For more information: Deployment by URL).

> An error related to your Datalayer or Tag.
In the event that the error comes from your Datalayer, we invite you to contact your IT department. For more information on the Tag, click here.
It is important that the exact syntax of your Attributes is preserved in the code.
> An error when copying your Deployment URL (forgetting the"?" for example).
In the case of URL Delivery, you may have modified the URL yourself. If this is the case, we invite you to check it. 

The slightest omission can cause the loss of data or even worse, the non-display of your Campaign.

For example, the structure of a Deployment URL with attributes takes the following form: name=Value

To go further in the exploitation of recovered data, we strongly advise you to consult our articles in the "Stats" category of our FAQ.


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