How to create an Attribute?

Go by the Side menu and click on Tracking then Attributes. 

Click on “Create a new Attribute”. 

 Enter the Attribute name. A description of the Attribute can be used as an internal reference.

Then, you can set a default value:

  • Not defined: you decide not to define a value by default
  • Value: you define a default value.
  • Contact fields: allow you to select in a list which type of contact will be used to identify the user.
  • Custom fields: allows you to link an attribute to a Contact field when sending an email or SMS from MyFeelBack.

After that, you can set a standard type or a specific type to your Attribute:

  • Text: The attribute will accept any string. The number of characters is limited to 250 (156 if the attribute is encrypted)
  • Numeric: The Attribute will only allow numeric values. Other formats will be ignored.
  • Value list: You define a list of values (1000 values max) to be taken into account, the other values will be ignored.
  • Email: The attribute will only allow email addresses. Other formats are ignored.
  • Phone number: The attribute will only accept phone numbers. Other formats are ignored.

Finally, you can define specifications on what you want to do with your Attribute information in your statistics (Data persistence). 

MyFeelBack allows you to identify a respondent regardless of his path on the different available channels, using the attribute of your choice. By checking yes to the field "set as a unique identifier", this attribute will be used to identify your respondent.

The field code has an information button for you to better understand what it's about:

Don't forget to save it.

Attach your attribute to a segment

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